Zeqon Limited

What We Do

Zeqon Limited is a results-focused application design and development company. Zeqon Limited was founded in 2016 by three college friends with a shared vision of making life better for people and communities. Bringing together expertise in entrepreneurship, technology, and design, our Head of Design, CEO, and Managing Partner set about building an agency that empowers clients through digital solutions. Whatever we work on we make it beautiful, we make it easy to use and we make it robust. And in doing so we don't break the bank. High-performing software products should not cost you a fortune!

Our Team

iOS Lead

Focused on bringing our client's visions to life through stable and scalable apps, Viano has led our mobile team to boast native Android and iOS processes, giving us the tools to implement any features we may need with highly knowledgeable and brimming ideas.

Front-end Developer

Responsible for front-end development, Duke leads our phenomenal team to develop component-based and pixel-perfect designs. We create non-repetitive, easily maintainable code while bringing in the latest tech and methodology. JavaScript is used on both the frontend and the backend while excelling in react as well.

UX/UI Designer

Lora builds meaningful experiences for users through design. She revolves around Branding, User Experience-design, and Visual Design. Our job is to avoid the frustrating feeling when a website, app, product you are using is not doing what you want it to do. We try to make it as easy as possible.

Our Application

Live Wallpaper

Numerous latest anime wallpapers in the gallery are waiting for you. HD pictures keep updated daily and instantly, join and be the one who leads the trend.

Photo Editor

We are dedicated to making photo editing simple. You can try amazing face effects with just a few clicks then share your creations with friends or on social network.